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Deeper Learning at MTV

​​​​​​​​​​Click on the following link for information from SCDSB - New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning    ​

The focus is on students developing Deep Learning competencies – Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Samples of student work will be posted shortly

Grade 8  Deeper Learning (Mrs. Limoges, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Aikens)

Deep Learning Co​​mpetencies
  • Collaboration

  • Creativity and imagination

  • Communication

  • Character education and citizenship

Deep Learning Task Design

If we provide opportunities for students to explore community services and create activities for wellness, then students will be able to self advocate for their personal wellness within the classroom and school community.​

Student Work ExamplesFile_000 (2).jpeg
File_001 (1).jpeg
File_001 (2).jpeg
File_003 (1).jpeg
File_004 (2).jpeg

Grade 7 Deeper Learning Pro​jects (Mr. Larmer)

eep Learning Co​mpetenciesCritical thinking, citizenship, communication, Creativity and Imagination, character Ed & Citizenship

Deep Learning Task Design

Student derived questions based on the impact of the War of 1812 on the development of Canada

Student Work Examples​​​​​War of 1812 - Asha M​​​​​​

War of 1812 - Breanne C

​War of 1812 & Medicine

Grade 6 Deeper Learning - FNMI Inquiry (Ms. Fitzpatrick and Ms. Petras)

Deep Learning Co​​mpetencies

Citizenship/Collaboration/Critical Thinking/Creativity/Communication/Character


Deep Learning Task Design


  1. Why might have immigrants wanted to come to Canada in the past?

  2. Why might immigrants want to come to Canada now?

  3. How might immigrants have affected Canada's identity in the past and present? ( Cultural Mosaic)

  4. In what ways might Canada truly show they are sorry for the way they have treated immigrants in the past? How can we show that we mean, “I’m sorry?”

  5. How might racism have evolved in Canada?

  6. Why might Canada have wanted just a white man's country?

  7. How might Canada regain its image as a welcoming and tolerant country?

  8. How might people of our age stand up to xenophobia?

  9. How might kids our age change the perspective of other kids about how cultures should all get along?

  10. How could we expand people’s knowledge about Canada’s history?

  11. How has Canada’s immigration policy changed from past to present?

  12. How have immigrants and refugees been treated  in the past compared to now?

  13. How might we be able to relate what we  have learned to the Seven Grandfather Teachings and SCDSB Character Traits as a guide to move forward in cultural tolerance?

Student Work ExamplesFNMI Truth and Reconciliation

check out this video !!!!!

Grade 5 Inquiry (Mrs. Fabian, Mr. Rennie)

​​Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

​Critical Thinking, Communication,  Creativity and Collaboration


Deep Learning Task Design

How did the environment, climate, and availability of resources affect the way the Aboriginal People lived.  As well as, what were the positive and negative consequences for the Aboriginal when the European Explorers made first contact prior to 1713?

Student Work Examples

Grade 2 Inquiry (Ms. Ries & Mrs. Honeyball)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Character education and Citizenship, Creativity and Imagination


Deep Learning Task Design
Where do the children play and teenagers hang out in your neighborhood or community? Do they have pleasant and peaceful surroundings? Do they have a place to grow, explore, feel confident, and develop their skills in safety?

Student Work Examples
playground project1.jpg

Grade 1 Inquiry (Mrs. Milak-White, Mrs. Vancise, Mrs. Lougheed)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Creativity and Imagination, Character Education, Communication, Problem Solving


Deep Learning Task Design

How can we reuse/recycle things we are getting rid of and create something new?  How does recycling benefit us all?

Student Work Examples​​Emmali​e

Lucas B


More to come

Recycling Museum pic 7.jpg
Recycling Museum pic 10.jpgRecycling Museum pic 16.jpgRecycling Museum  pic 12.jpg

Kindergarten Inquiry - Self Regulation and Well Being

Deep Learning Co​​mpetencies

Creativity and Imagination



Deep Learning Task Design

Help the students to gain competency in self-motivation, self- control, initiative and confidence

Student Work Examples

Below are just a few student work examples where students were involved in a number of inquiry based learning opportunities. They ranged from a 'controlled inquiry' whereby the topic and resources were provided by the teacher to a 'guided inquiry' where the students design their own product based on teacher provided topic and questions to 'free inquiry' which allows students to guide their own learning by deciding on the topics and outcomes.​

Grade 8  Deeper Learning (Mrs. Limoges)

Deep Learning Co​​mpetencies

Citizenship/Collaboration/Critical Thinking/Creativity/Communication/Character


Deep Learning Task Design
​​If we provide students with authentic and relevant learning opportunities to create a structure that will serve a purpose in a refugee camp and that will integrate math, science, technology and the arts, then they will deepen their understanding of concepts in multiple subject areas and demonstrate empathy, critical thinking, conceptual understanding and innovation in learning and life.
Student Work Examples​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Refugee Inquiry - Solar Filtration​​​​​

Mounties Solving Refugee Issues​​

Grade 7/8Deeper Learning- World Issues​ (Mrs. Lougheed and Mrs. Honeyball)

Deep Learning Co​mpetenciesCitizenship/Collaboration/Critical Thinking/Creativity/Communication/Character​​

Deep Learning Task Design
Grade 7 /8 WRITING BIG IDEA: Based on their research, students will form an opinion on their topic, organize their information and express their opinion to others in the form of a persuasive essay.

Grade 7/8 MEDIA Literacy- BIG IDEA:  The impact that point of view has on media, and the way that information is shared

What is an issue the world is currently facing?

How do you know about this issue? (media forms)

What points of view are there on this issue?

What is bias? And how might this affect how the issue is presented in the media?

What is your point of view on this issue?

Are these issues relevant to grade 7 or 8 students living in Collingwood?

Are there issues the world is facing (the world, countries in the world, specific populations of people in the world- women, children, etc) that we aren’t aware of?

If we provide students with authentic and relevant learning opportunities to pursue world issues that they are of interest or personally relevant that integrate language, technology, geography and the arts, then they will deepen their understanding of concepts in multiple subject areas and demonstrate empathy, critical thinking, conceptual understanding and innovation in learning and life.​​
Student Work Examples​​​​​TASK2WorldIssues-lily1820lily1820 (1).pdf

Grade 7 Deeper Learning Pro​jects (Mr. Larmer)

Deep Learning Co​mpetenciesCritical thinking, citizenship, communication

Deep Learning Task Design

(Grade 7 History, underground railroad, Syrian refugee crisis)

C​​ompare and Contrast the two different events

and the impact on Canada.

Student Work Examples​​​​​

Othe Inquiry Work

Grade 6 Deeper Learning (Ms. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Wright)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies​​

Collaboration - The students will have to collaborate with one another to create the project, but more importantly, once the project is done will be collaborating with tourists that access the site through a Junior Blogger site.

Creativity - will be targeted through student groups deciding how they will digitally provide their information.

Critical Thinking - is met on several levels as students will need to think:

  1. which information is important to share

  2. Which digital method to display information will keep their target audience engaged?

Citizenship - we will be fostering an appreciation for the history of Collingwood and Canada.

Character - we will show Collingwood students as a group of responsible inquisitive students who care about their community and want to share the best of what our community has to offer.

Communication- This is the culminating event of our project. We need to communicate   

Deep Learning Task Design

How might we be able to easily and accurately share the heritage and identity of Collingwood to facilitate meaningful dialogue between parents and their children.

Student Work Examples​​​​​
Children’s Arts Day in D​owntown Collingwood​​

Other Student Work

Gr 6 Poetry Video​

Grade 4 & 5 Social Studies Inquiry (Mrs. Fabian, Mr. Rennie, Mrs. Sandell)

​​Deep Learning Co​mpetenciesCritical Thinking, Communication,  Creativity and possibly Collaboration

Deep Learning Task Design
How might one aspect of your first nations community/early civilization have be influenced by the environment?

The __________________ (invented/utilized)  ____________________  in the past.  It’s still around today, it was made to last.

Students will create a green screen connection between the past and present.

Student Work Examples​​​​Compilation Video​

Ojibwa Project

First Nations Community: Ojibwa​ - Rough Notes to Formal Report​​

First Nations Community:Cree​ - Rough Notes to Formal Report​

In My Tomb

Grade 2 & 3 Inquiry (Ms. Ries & Ms. VanAlstine)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication


Deep Learning Task Design

Students will choose which turtle species (Ries's class) or frog species (VanAlstine's class) they will research.

Student Work Examples​​​​​​gavin (2).pdf

Diamond Back.pdf

Yellow Mud Turtle.pdf

​Grade 2 Deeper Learning (Mr. Brozowski)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity.


Deep Learning Task Design

What is the driving inquiry question / theme?

The driving theme throughout this project is self driven research on a topic of interest to the child.

A Gr 2 Genius Hour

Student Work Examples​​​​​Tsunami by Luke​​​​​​

Robots​ by Sam​

Grade 1/2 Inquiry (Mrs. Vancise)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Creativity, Communication, Collaboration


Deep Learning Task Design

What is the driving inquiry question / theme?

Students will research their animal or country as well as through the use of the green screen where they will present their information.  

How will students be engaged in designing the learning task?

Students can present their information in many ways, through writing (create their own book for in the classroom library), posters, presentations using green screen or using a slideshow and talking while slide is on the screen or other negotiated ways of presenting (students open to how they wish to present their knowledge.)

Student Work Examples​​​​​​​​​​video 1

video 2

Grade 1 Deeper Learning Inquiry (Mrs. Milak-White)

Deep Learning Co​mpetencies

Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking​​​


Deep Learning Task Design

Students will develop a short step-by-step procedure for a simple task of their choice.  They will demonstrate the task through video or through step-by-step still photos using the iPad.  They will be assisted in doing this by teacher and tech team​​.  Students will share their procedures with classmates.

Student Work Examples​​​​​ ​