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The Reading Nook

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For 13 years, World Read Aloud Day has called attention to the importance of sharing stories by challenging participants to grab a book, find an audience, and read-aloud! The global effort, created by the non-profit LitWorld and sponsored by Scholastic, is celebrated annually in over 173 countries and is all about bringing people together through the shared connection of reading aloud in all of our communities. Check out the website for supporting materials such as a virtual kit and opportunities for for live, interactive read-aloud shows.

In January we focussed on STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering,Ars and Math) activities in order to gear up for our Mountain View Science Fair.

Februray is a busy month with lots of interesting activities happening to celebrate Black History Month.

February 1s is World Read Aloud Day:

The Simcoe County District School Board has more than 100 school libraries, and all schools have a full-time teacher-librarian. There are approximately 1.5 million items in the current resource collection.

Teacher-librarians work with students and staff to develop collections that are engaging for students and staff. The goals are to provide relevant resources for learning, instruction and reading enjoyment.

Teacher-librarians work with students, staff, administration and families to support and improve student literacy and academic achievement.