Clothing Label Sale (20% off!)
Posted on 10/13/2023

We're pleased to share that Mountain View School Council has partnered with Mabel's Labels to enable a percentage of their sales (to Mountain View families) to be put back into school needs. This partnership will be ongoing throughout the school year, but right now there is a sale on certain items (until October 22nd)!


If you’re not familiar with Mabel’s Labels, they are personalized, durable, waterproof labels. They are great for everything from shoes, clothing tags, water bottles and backpacks. You can customize them with your name and a design, and they are dishwasher, laundry and microwave safe. Mabel’s Labels also offers clothing stamps, silicone bands for water bottles and medical alert labels. This is a great way to ensure your items don’t end up in the lost & found or mixed up. 


To support our fundraiser, visit and select [Mountain View Elementary School (Collingwood). You can pick out whatever labels or product you want, and it will ship for free directly to your house! For our special Mountie Logo on your labels search for the “Logo Label Pack”. Ensure you sign in to support our school Fundraiser first. 


Thank you for your support!

School Council